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hottpictures's Journal

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This is the community for posting pictures that are Hott. By Hott, i mean arousing pictures of inanimate objects and possible animate object. It's not about posting Hott pictures as in nude pictures of yo' ass. That's just uncalled for. Only sensible Nudity admitted.
I mean like. Some things. Are just Hott. Hair clips. Polaroid pictures. Hott guitars. Hott shoes. Hott haircuts. Seedy Diners. Gin and Tonic. Making out. Serial Killers. Smoking ciggarettes. Stuff like that, you know? yeah. take pictures of that stuff. And post it here. And have people say "Wow. That was fucking hottt". And as for the word Hott. the more t's, the hotter it was. my grandma? i'd probably give her no t's. but the cartdrige for Tetris for the NES? 10 t's. It's like that. get it?
Grandma - ho
Tetris - hottttttttttttt
(example of a hott picture)

see? smoking is hott. *points out the shoes in the backround* so are those. they are mine.
And if you really wanna, dont post a pictures, But an annecdote about somthing hott that happend. perhaps eating pizza in a bathroom. a story about serial killers. somthing along those lines. you know? a story about hott shoes, or a guitar. whatever. fuck rules. oh yeah. if you're posting somthing long, or more than one pictures, put the lj cut tag before it. like this