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tracey's classic hottttttt as fucking hell story

okay, so i was walking in the halls at my school, on my way to my 6th period social studies class. i walked past the german class, with all these kids coming out. and this 7th grade bitch (i have yet to find and kill her! bwah hahah!) wearing pointy high heels runs into me and steps on my foot reeallly really fucking hard. i almost start crying cuz it hurts so bad, and i limp to my class. i sit next to my friend, andre, and i'm whining and bitching about my foot hurting, and he just laughs at me. then i'm all like "dude, i think my foot is bleeding" and he just says "yeah, whatever!" and i take off my shoe (ultra hott black chucks) and my whole sock is completely soaked in dark red blood! and the inside of my shoe is totally stained dark red! it was sooo fucking awesome and hott! and i happily limped home, with my foot making squishy noises in it's own little pool of blood.

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